Life or Dream you choose!

This would officially be my first blog ever so bit anxious of the results and the feedback I may receive. I had hundreds of thoughts rushing through my mind. Still I could not reach an agreement with my own self. I wanted my blog to be good, interesting and appreciable!! Who wouldn’t want a bit of praise here and there?

I would say since my childhood I have always been a dreamer and a real one for sure 🙂
So why not write something about dreams. Now many of you would say what’s so special about being a dreamer or as matter of fact what big deal about a dream. So let me put it in simple terms.

‘Don’t live your life live your dream’


I may sound like those career coach with piles of degree in psychology but I am not. I believe each one of us have dreams, desires and aspirations for our lives, future and career.
Let me take a simple example when someone asks you what you want in your life and our prompt reply would be something like, I always dreamt of this or I desire for that and then comes the big BUT this is life so I yet have to wait for my dream to be true.

Let’s skip that word life. For a moment believe you are living a dream. A long dreams a journey which is dynamic sometimes a beautiful rainbow and next second a dark cold breeze. Why not believe we are living a dream and each second we getting closer to exactly what we want.
Now you would say this is hedonistic. What will happen to your long philosophical conversation with your friend’s about life and its meaning.

Sweetheart where do you reach with those conversations let me tell you NOWHERE. Never Take Life Seriously. Nobody Gets Out Alive Anyways 🙂
Just think about your dream the fact that you are living your dream will make you feel the same young lad who wanted to do so many things in life and knew was reaching there soon.
You would come to peace with your own self and the seed of winning the world all over again will finally root in your heart.

Just try may be you would come back and tell me. Hey my dream is my life and its more beautiful than I ever imagined.


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