Is Blogging Just Writing!!!!


My first blog wasn’t a new fad it was to be continued.

So here I am assimilating my views into a READABLE blog. Before I go into details of the topic would like to share a thought. Latest technology and process have made it so easy to publish and post your ideas for the world. You just have to create an account and shoot with words on any topic under the sun.

But is it really that easy for any individual with little self esteem to go and let the word sneak into his mind and know it all. I think the answer is NO we all want people to appreciate us. SO many of us at times prefer to keep quiet in groups rather than speak as a phrase says perfectly.. Its better to keep you mouth shut rather than speak and to be prove an idiot.

So all I am saying is Blogging is not just a fad it requires time patience and most importantly guts to be criticised, to be brutally analyzed just for simple thought of yours or mocked for trifle grammatical mistake.

It very well reminds me of myt school and college days when we were encouraged to write.

Luckily I could participate in some good writing competition and was felicitated which ofcourse felt like being given an Oscar at an young age!! 🙂
I always loved reading and ofcourse writing for myself in my diaries which had collection of all the rythmic words which I called POEMS;-)

Hope I would be able to jot down few interesting ancedotes as well as air my views on vast range of topics. So here I am all ready to shoot the world with my WORDS:)


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