Specially for my sister…

Childhood the nascent, innocent and bit ignorant phase of our lives. I am sure we all love reminiscing childhood days specially the time spent with our siblings. In case you are wondering if the post is about good old days then let me correct you it is not. The post includes my two poems (Kind Off!!) which wrote while travelling in a train. It was a lazy afternoon bustling with noise of people chatting, vendors selling snacks and kids playing in the all so congested passage!!

I was reading a book of Linda Goodman and as usual finished it before I reached my destination. With nothing to do and being bored of staring outside the window, I just scribbled these lines on the last page and forgot.

Just last night she emailed me these poems and asked me to post them. I must admit they are not fantablous but I did agree to bear a little embarrassment for my li’l princess……so here you go 🙂

He is not here, he never was

He is not near, he never was

He is not mine, he never was

But he is my faith, he knows for sure

He is still not found;

He is clear in sound

He said he be there for me

and would never leave thy me!!


Sapno mai rang na bhare na sahi

Khwaabo ko nai sanjo sake na sahi

Par voh duniya to bana lenge

Jaha sapne bhi aane ka sapna dekhe

Jaha jindge ho; jeet ho

Apneho; sapne ho

Shikayat nahi; shikwa nahi

Bas chaht ki zameen ko sapno se saja lenge!!

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