Little Brother!

Yesterday I called my home just to get an update and check if all is going well with my family in India.
I was talking to my sister when my little brother said he wishes to talk to me and then I heard teh most melodious words ever. He so sweetly asked “Di how are you” and I was like Oh! Sweetie how are you.
He instantly said I miss you loads and wish to see your beautiful face and eagerly waiting for you. I just melted, who would not with such beautiful words.

Love him loads! How I wish I could stay with my little brother and see him growing. The dream which might never ever be true in my life or may be if I work very hard I might one day be able to work this out! Love you my little brother , you are incredible sunshine in my life. You can make the whole world go round when you talk so sweetly! Just BIG SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!
Anjali Bhardwaj loves her little Bhardwaj

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