Sports in India!!!!!

Okay!!!! Now for the first time I am going to talk about Indian politics influence and sports where we still there is lot of scope for improvement. I feel strongly about the corruption in Indian politics and sad for not being part of any change so far so mostly avoid talking about these topics.I have been UK for sometime now and I do see how well the sporting facilities are maintained for the kids and common public at very basic level.

However in India politics and its influence or should I say there role as Sports mafia not just affect the performance of India in various sports event but also we let talents vanish in wilderment. I am not going to deny the fact that we are doing brilliantly fantabulously well in cricket but then Indian government does not spend even a penny on cricket! Yes it is true, the cricket bodies have been able to commericalise the game to such great heights that they attract talents easily. However in games like hockey and athletics we are far behind than counties which are hardly visible on world map. the truth is we still need to come out of red herrings and typical bureaucracy and establish an organised and transparent bodies to promote sports like hockey in common public and nurture talent from tender ages. Being born and brought up in middle class Indian family I know sports are never a career option. Infact many times parents discourage there kids to play and ask them to study harder to be prepared for a cut throat competition for professional colleges. Firstly the sports bodies like hockey federation are not organised and are unable to tap the talent in various states. Players who are very passionate and are ready to go through extreme hardships to be in sports like hockey, shooting etc. I might be wrong but that who says Anjali will be always right;-)

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