Pita…is the new obsession

I have been meaning to be more regular with my blog however I never seem to have time or motivation to do it! This afternoon when I could have spent my day being a lazy couch potato I nudged myself to be proactive and not reactive for a change!!

Last week when I came back home from work after a long tiring day I was just looking to make something quickly and hit the sack…

My new found love is pita as it makes my life so much easier and I don’t have to slog in kitchen to make fresh bread….I love bakers:P  Coming back to dinner…I had spinach in my refrigerator waiting to be wilted with love and mixed with some fresh tomato sauce with loads of garlic and some homemade cheese! I have to be honest and confess I usually buy cottage cheese however on this occasion I made it at home!!

So I sauteed lot of garlic and some tomatoes added wilted spinach and cottage cheese to it and violaaaa my dinner was ready – have a peek for yourself!!

health bhi taste bhi...


3 thoughts on “Pita…is the new obsession

    • Mark that made me giggle.. I have been suggested this many times but I don’t think I would like to do it professionally however I love to see my guest look at my food.. just fall in love…..as if they have just met a prodigy born in kitchen…:-D

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