Sunshine…sea….lots of rest!!

In my last post I was so upbeat and promising that I would be regular with my blog though house hunting then moving in a new house, travel, hectic work schedule meant blogging put on the back burner!! sigh!! If only we could do all what we want in just 24 hours….life be perfect.
I thought  I would just share with you some of the pics from my travel …I just clicked couple of pictures for my blog – to add bit more color (pls click the pics for details). Every place has its charm so did Spain it was Easter time so celebrations were in full swing and it was a great experience to see so many processions …. as they say it was an experience of a lifetime!

Well! Spaniards love their meat so there was not much in terms of exploring the flavours of Spain except some trials which were nothing but random trials and disappointing…but fortunately we found an Indian restaurant!!!! No.. I am serious…I did.

Ideally I wouldn’t prefer eating in an Indian restaurant at a tourist destination as it’s best to explore the local taste however I did not find good vegetarian options and gorged on paneer makhani and chana chaat…hmm yum yum!!

I must admit the last leg of my trip in Rome well compensated for it lack of flavours in Malaga as I just loved the food in Italy ….!!!!

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