My love with rain…

I know a lot of people complain about rains in london and I admit they are bit annoying not because you get wet BUT  purely because they are not good enough for a rain dance and getting drenched.

Heavy rains are a voyage for me into a different world –  it’s like a Bollywood song playing in the background, suddenly the world seems so beautiful and I feel like leaving everything and enjoying that moment. Doesn’t it look like the earth is absorbing every drop and we too are ready to drench ourselves with nature’s ecstasy.

In all this if you get a chance to find a small shade and a hot cup of tea – life ban jati hai!

You find a reason to smile, without any reason you find a reason to catch up with friends have fun in rain..sit together and share thoughts and a cuppa what else you need to have fun..

Rain just brings back memories of the best time of my life which was sheer happiness, in all it’s simplicity. I am mesmerized with Rains!!!

Here I go with when it RAINS!!!

P.S. – this post is written in like 5 mins so forgive all mistakes!!!!!!!! Just had to share this…

3 thoughts on “My love with rain…

  1. Ah! Always nice to meet someone else who appreciates the simple pleasure of rain. It creates a special kind of coziness and peace– provided one isn’t being swept away by a flood, of course… : )

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