This post makes me smile not in a funny way but with disappointment of not being able to keep my promise of blogging often but and there is a BIG “but” as I have not been able to stick to my plans…

As someone said that it’s important to show courage and move in the right direction and sometimes journey is more significant than the results  – I have to say I am finding lot of solace in this thought today. I did take pictures of the food I cooked as I cook daily but had no time or energy to post about them individually.

So here is a peek a boo in my treasure of pictures without their recipe’s …. common don’t sneer at me, does life not throw us into situations where we have no idea what the hell just happened!!!!

I believe posting pics without recipes is just like that! Having said that I even thought about blogging about Independence day and the whole food celebration that would go with it (JLT talking about my childhood)!!!! However due to time constraints I thought…let my pictures SPEAK THOUSAND WORDS IN MY DEFENCE 😉

Love to hear from visitors or bloggers….keep connected 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Promises….

  1. Totally know what you mean…it’s like your walking one way, with the plan to get somewhere, and suddenly this truck comes out of nowhere and runs you over…! The awesome thing is that you kept up all of this cooking, and the results look deeeelish, especially the makke ke roti (I hope you shove the recipe up for that one) and the multigrain sammies.

    Hope things start falling into place for you, and to that wise person who told you that the journey is more important than the results, give them a big tight hug, because truer words were never spoken. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment – you made my day !!!! I just visualised what you said 😀 and it reminded me of villian conspiring against an honest policeman in a Bollywood movie 🙂

      Recipes would be on it’s way soon…….tight hug to the intelligent guy…muaaaaaaaaah! BUT I just don’t know where I heard it or I just made it up …who knows 😀

  2. All your dishes look delicious. Probably not the best idea to look at them before bed :). Don’t be so hard on yourself about the writing. Quality over quantity any day!
    p.s. I would like the kadhi recipe though!

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