I am back!

Many of us have heard about writer’s block, creative juices drying up pushing you to a corner terrified that you would never ever write again but for me it’s the “creative drowning” that pushes me to write.

I am always observant and curious and imagine writing about my experiences, food I have cooked and interesting chance encounters. I can never find time to write, I take pictures of food at home and beautiful historical buildings or striking piece of graffiti art but it all gets lost in miscellaneous archives of my laptop.

I have always found writing as therapeutic, it really allows me to move on from sadness, anger and sometimes take-in happiness that I find hard to explain to others. Today is one of those days I just want to write and it’s nothing about beautiful surroundings, weather or food.

This post is about the pleasure of writing; it really allows me to clear my head and see through the dark clouds of day-to-day chaos and see myself. Now for some reason this last line sounds like I am hearing voices and walking down the insanity lane, believe I am not. I am not an accomplished writer, that’s itJ

I am posting some of the pictures of food I have cooked in last few days for two reasons firstly  I started to write about food on this blog but was never disciplined enough to write a detailed recipe secondly I love to share my food pictures.

I doubt anyone will read this post but if someone is then they might question – why not post on Pinterest?  I can’t be bothered to be on a new social site, I can get into various boards without creating a user profile and I would continue to sneak in.

Here is to the hope that I would push myself to write more often and not let the little writer bug die in me.





3 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. Loved the way you wrote and cooked .. Both well done and pretty soothing to my pair of eyes. Hope to see you often.


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