What a journey it’s been so far! Parenthood is relentless but rewarding it’s true to it’s core. Some babies sleep well and some don’t but all bring immense amount of love in life. They are truly god’s angels and one just falls in love with them over and over again.

It’s hard not to look at them when they are sleeping and doubly hard not to crib that one is sleep deprived. Motherhood is best sweet and sour chutney of life..there I said it 😀

When I first saw Amora I felt this surge of emotion within me. My partner asked nurse the gender of the baby and I said it’s our Amora (it’s a girl) without waiting for nurse to confirm. I just knew it. I felt I could do it all over again right then, when I held her in my arms I wanted to live that moment again and again! I guess I was high on hormones that’s what sister thinks.

One thing I learned after becoming a mother is fearlessness (if that’s a word!). I am now ready to grow old because that meant I could see my baby grow bigger and stronger. Life with baby is so different and you feel so many emotions you didn’t even know existed.

Priorities do change! I use to think that’s the most used, exploited, wasted and meaningless cliche. If you love your career, dressing up or have a passion or interest why will you give up just because you had a baby. I know you can have a career, follow your passion or live your dream but it’s hard, very hard infact. To all mothers out there may you be stronger and be blessed! Live a life you are proud of so your little one can learn to love theirs too.

Until next time..DSC_0238.JPG


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