Don’t just exist

2017 New Year, a fresh start, resolutions, promises and what not but slowly days, week, months pass by and we fall into the same trap called life.

I read a quote today “I am not what happened to me but I am what I choose to be” it struck a chord somewhere. I have been in the phase for some time when I am not sure what I want next, I know what I would like to do but still unsure for some reason because I don’t just want what’s feasible I also want all that’s crazy and unrealistic too. Sounds confusing right and may be silly too well that’s me I guess.

I remember as a kid I would sit reading a book or a newspaper and my brain would go jet speed from one thought to another no stopping, no inhibitions, no fear I was convinced I can do anything I put my heart to but it’s easy to lose this sense of courage and confidence. My daughter reminded me how I was as a child and that made me realise how fearless we are as a child and how we grow up to become risk averse, anxious of upsetting others and maybe sometimes we just exist. It’s not always parents who teach kids sometimes it’s them J

If you are looking for that push if you are looking for that one reason, that one cue that would push you do take the plunge then just go ahead and do it don’t wait. Sometimes chances are time bound so don’t wait anymore. If change is what you want then make it happen because it’s your life and no one and I mean no one should stop you.

If you still need a reason then think of your child – would you tell them to be afraid of dreaming big, shy away from challenges because they might have to tread untrodden path, I believe the answer would be NO so go ahead and be a role model and love life as much as you love them.

Here is to new beginnings because life is too short to be afraid 😉

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