My love with rain…

I know a lot of people complain about rains in london and I admit they are bit annoying not because you get wet BUT  purely because they are not good enough for a rain dance and getting drenched. Heavy rains are a voyage for me into a different world –  it’s like a Bollywood song […]


We all have a time in our life when we reliase it’s worth giving everything for someone! That’s when you  how intense love could be infact everytime you do something for them it just seems worth it! Like loving adi…nothing could be more worth than being with my kid bro!! Anjali Bhardwaj may have said some […]


I felt like a restless soul Treading on untouched path to reach my goal Gazing through woods, hitherto filling my hands with pebbles But just couldn’t make out Where I was heading to, Therein realised life is not bleak It is a tryst, the one who starts reaches atlast, It is never about a beaten […]