Let the light reach you..

I haven’t posted anything on this blog for ages and it wasn’t for lack of motivation but it’s was more of time constraints. My kitchen has been buzzing always but never had the time to take pictures and write about recipes. I love cooking and therefore changed this blog to food blog but I think it will go back to blabbering what’s in my head again! Sorry for few of you who read this.

I have always believed that we all have then key to happiness and can achieve whatever we set our eye on. However the fact is the time to achieve your goals/ambitions/dreams will depend on the situation you are in and the people in your life. Oh you knew this was coming!

It’s funny how some people just stress so much how others should behave, talk, respond and forget to analyse their own behaviour. In an ideal scenario we all should realise our own shortcomings before we point fingers but I think it’s easier for some people to skip the first stage and just think everyone out there is after them.

In this whole process what they miss is the opportunity to enrich their life with people who want to be close to them but can’t be just because they can’t move beyond situations and pity misunderstandings. We all leave this world alone what we leave behind is love and memories in people heart for you. If you can’t grow above all the issues for a new start whether you are old or young then you dint allow the light to get to your heart!!!

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